Exciter Services


Keystone’s brushless and conventional exciter capabilities for maintenance, repair, and overhaul are unsurpassed in the industry. Testing, inspections, evaluation, mechanical and electrical repairs as well as complete rewinding, restacking of iron and complete diode wheel repairs are just some of the exciter repairs Keystone performs.

Brushless exciters

  • Mechanical disassembly and reassembly
  • Five point mechanical alignment
  • Full electrical testing
  • Diode wheel components (fuses, diodes, capacitors)
  • AC exciter armature
  • AC exciter field
  • PMG stator
  • Exciter housing RTD’s, TC’s, etc.
  • Exciter refurbishment
  • Diode wheel insulation replacement
  • Complete cleaning/overhaul of all exciter components
  • AC exciter armature rewind
  • AC exciter armature band replacement
  • AC exciter field pole rewind
  • PMG field pole replacement/rewind
  • PMG field magnetization
  • Bearing overhaul and replacement
  • Base wiring inspection and replacement
  • Lathe checks and run-out capability

DC Exciters

  • Mechanical disassembly and reassembly
  • Electrical testing
  • Insulation resistances
  • DC winding resistances
  • Field pole turn insulation integrity
  • Refurbishment
  • Component rewinds (field/armature)
  • Armature band inspection and replacement
  • Cleaning and overhaul of all major components bearing overhaul and replacement
  • Lathe checks and run-out