Available Equipment

1.  Eldec Induction Brazing Equipment (2 available)

-$20,000.00 Each
-Used Very sparingly
Eldec Collage



2.  Hammond Power Supply Power Solution Step-up transformer

-3 Phase Dry Type Transformer
-665 lbs
Stepup transformer 3 phase Stepup transformer



3.  Bone frontier Cooper Heat Evolution 2
-300KW Induction machine with all related hoses and accessories for brazing, removal of bolting, couplings, and heat-shrunken parts. Also includes a shipping container.
Bone Frontier Cooper Heat Evo. 2


4.  Enco Tabletop Milling Machine’s (2 available)

-Single-Phase, Double Voltage
-$2,500.00 Each

20150410_114338 (2) (360x640) 20150410_114327 (450x800) enco


5.  Tradeshow/Exhibit Booth

-Make offer

booth 1 Booth2 Booth3